Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sunflower power?

I never really noticed it until we started planting and growing sunflowers - but these guys have a knack of tracking and following sunlight (or artificial light of the same wavelength I guess).

The flowers themselves behave like radio/satellite dishes that look up and actually follow the sun. As if it were trying to get the 'best signal' :-)

And what amazed us more was this little gem that we harvested from our backyard. When we got it in, the thing was looking downwards, but we didn't pay too much attention to that detail, and we placed it in a vase and on the dining table.

And just the other night, we were surprised to see the flower was not in the 'nodded' position but has reared up its 'head' and was 'looking' towards our dining lamp/light! So even with the flower already cut from the main stem, this behavior still exhibits.

Nature sure is quite impressive!

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Do you like eating meals from a bowl? I think that the bowl is the most versatile eating 'platform' ever devised.

A bowl can hold both dry and soupy foods. One can drink from a bowl. Hey, you can even use it to take a bath with!

There's just something about eating from a bowl that makes it enjoyable. For me, it brings back memories of my childhood when I would be doing my midnight snacks - rice and whatever leftover dinner. And specially if it was sauteed mung beans with pork and shrimp! In the picture, I had beef picadillo. I did start eating from a plate but when I saw the bowl of picadillo, something kicked in and I put all my rice on it.

Some people say that eating from a bowl 'masks' the amount of food you eat. Unless of course you're eating from a bowl the size of a helmet...

Speaking of more pancit...

Jollibee's pancit palabok (also known as fiesta noodles here in the US) is something that I would crave for when I visit home.

It is fast food stuff, but good nonetheless. And pairing it with the 'Champ' burger makes it good x 2!

More to come!

'Simple' pancit

This has got to be the simplest pancit bihon back home. Barely any meat or veggies. But does it taste soooo gooood!! And amazingly priced too!

My sister would buy this in the wet market if time permits, and I would request for her to buy more than usual. It is neat that such a simple dish can pack such a wallop. I know that it subjective, but in my books, this is 'The Pancit' - provided it is not made with MSG....

Hot weather drink

My hot weather drink of choice while visiting back home. Good 'ol Gatorade!

Water would still be primary, but Gatorade is a close second. I think I bought a couple of dozens back then. Also found out that Gatorade goes well with Goldilock's cakes - nice! :-D